Web Applications Localization

Web applications localizationThe Internet makes possible building global and multilingual communities. It provides a workspace for international collaboration, even it is a marketplace accessed worldwide. This is simple and easy by choosing and installing an appropriate web application on a web space meeting the technical requirements.

The various web applications (Web content management systems, shopping carts, forums, wikis, groupware, image galleries, blogs, customer relationship management systems) play important role in our lives. The localization of a web application powered website is also needed to be adapted for the local and/or global visitors and contributors.

The correctly displayed national letters with accents or diacritical marks in a web browser is now a must-have, thanks to the UTF-8 encoding.

We have translated the language files both of Joomla! core and numerous third party Joomla! extensions, and we have skills to translate the hardcoded strings in the source files as well.

Thinkiong globally, it is highly recommended to localize the content of your website.