English-Hungarian IT Translation

English-Hungarian IT TranslationThe first decade of the 21st century is remarkable for the rapid growth and development of the information technologies. Computing marched in almost every household, Internet is as widely used as the vehicles.

Our localization and translation experience focuses on one area, IT translations. We are aware of the importance of providing a high quality and reliable IT translation to fulfill the aim of your company by translating the required IT documents into Hungarian.

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Software Localization

Software LocalizationIt has become almost a platitude that software localization means more than translation. Localization include the translation of the user interface, the help system, the accompanying documentation, screenshots or any other images related to a software product.

We have noticed, that local experts are needed for a translation reflecting the taste of the mother tongue, because they are able to represent the shades of meaning.

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Web Applications Localization

Web applications localizationThe Internet makes possible building global and multilingual communities. It provides a workspace for international collaboration, even it is a marketplace accessed worldwide. This is simple and easy by choosing and installing an appropriate web application on a web space meeting the technical requirements.

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Website Localization

Web site localizationThe World Wide Web is endless - anyone can visit your home page or web site in his/her browser easily living anywhere on our planet. Therefore it is worthy of consideration tu publish your content in additional language(s).

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